We are a specialized global corporation for automobile components. We are an environmental friendly corporation that places higher expectation for tomorrow than today.

Thank you for visiting Castec Korea, a company that achieves customer satisfaction based on creativity and reliability.

  Castec Korea is a specialized global corporation for automobile components and also a leader of Root Industry of Korea. We supply environmental friendly high efficiency turbo charger components all over the world based on technology accumulated for nearly a half-century.

Challenge and Creativity   After the establishment of Castec Korea, the history of our company was full of challenges. Although we faced many hardships until entering the global market with the LG Electronics Comp Castings, we expanded our business with active investments and promoted the turbo charger components that require high technology as the core competence of our business. At the end, we were able to become world’s top class automobile component producer by overcoming constant challenges based on our core values of “Innovation, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction.”

Reliability and Customer Satisfaction   It’s only the start for Castec Korea as we have many more challenges ahead of us. We will do our best to become the No. 1 globally company by understanding customer needs, securing development technologies to stay ahead of our customer needs, and achieving customer satisfaction through quality perfection. At the same time, we will give our greatest efforts in achieving social value by developing new eco-friendly materials.

  Castec Korea’s employees will continue to give endless efforts with the strong passion to overcome challenges until we achieve our goal of “supplying our products to all vehicles in the world.”

President of Castec Korea Co., Ltd. Sang-won Yoon