Rather than setting for our achievements, we are continuing to strive for the future of CKT through innovation activities.
Global Specialized Company for Automobile Components

Castec Korea is striving to improve the future of CTK through various innovation activities.

We are giving our greatest efforts with the mindset that “innovation” and “change” of an organization starts from the “site” and the “person in charge” of the duty.

We are participating in the improvement activities because we value the principle that innovation can be created from a simple and small change from anyone who takes leadership at the site.

Management innovation plan

TDR - We established a separate TFT (Task Force Team) and achieved innovative objectives and business plans in short period of time.

NWT - We composed and operated sub groups based on the innovative ideas at the site. 

One-point Improvement – All employees are assigned 1 project every year to increases work efficiency and this also give an opportunity for the employee tot enhance his/her skills.
One-point Improvement

- Initiatives taken based on the principle that innovation can be achieved from simple and small changes.
- Briefing sessions are held every month to discuss matters that are required to improve managerial and administrative duties.
- Excellence in Improvement Award is awarded every year through internal assessment of improvement activities which is reflected positively in the personnel assessment.

『 NWT 』 (Natural Working Team)

- We implement improvement activities to eliminate problems and risk factors at the site in order to increase efficiency for strategic business operation and production processes.
- Briefing sessions are held every month and anyone at the site can lead the session for improvement.
- Improvement Activity Awards are awarded every month by selecting the best department, excellent department, and outstanding department.