Castec Korea would like to put wings on your dreams.
Castec Korea is a specialized company in Korea with vast experiences and technologies

Castec Korea’s main competitiveness is our people.

People who are passionate and are not afraid of challenges or failures make up our pool of human resources to lead Castec Korea into a century old company.

Employees at Castec Korea provide happiness to our customers by thinking from the customer’s perspective and create new value for the future with creative minds.

Core Values Talented individuals with global competence in their DNA Castec People are creative – to create the best value for the future with new ideas and creative behaviors.
① Enjoy learning through creative imaginations and experiences.
② Always plan new ideas and pursue them immediately.
③ Pursue high values without having any fear for failures.
④ Strive toward achieving world’s best technology that can fully satisfy customer needs.
⑤ Strive to achieve new changes with positive spirit and strong passion.
Castec People are reliable –  to communicate and understand our customers
① Always understand customer needs and expectations.
② Establish a community with respect, trust, and love.
③ Reach out to others first with an open mind.
④ Think positively and speak from the heart.
⑤ Communicate in an honest and truthful manner.
Castec People give happiness – to provide the greatest happiness beyond satisfaction to all customers.
① Our goal is not producing products that satisfy the blueprint but it is to create products that satisfy our customers.
② Think from the customer’s perspective.
③ Always keep promises with our customers.
④ Secure best technologies and services through endless research and innovation.
⑤ We shall achieve customer satisfaction based on employ satisfaction.