Castec Korea values creativity, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We are looking for talented individuals who can overcome challenges and make changes to become a leader of our future.
Castec Korea is a specialized company in Korea with vast experiences and technologies

Application guidelines are subject to change according to the recruitment notification. Please check the recruitment notification for more details.
If you have questions about the recruitment process, please contact the HR/Recruitment Department at +82-51-974-4264

Recruitment Process
Review application – interview – internship – acceptance
Recruitment Information
Application Process
Fill-in and submit your application online.
After selecting individuals suitable for the position, Castec Korea will make the selection by reviewing the application.
We implement interviews to assess the applicant’s core values and personal competencies.
The applicant will be interviewed by a working level employee for the 1st interview and a director for the 2nd interview. We will select individuals based on the applicant’s level of experience during interviews.
Actual duties will be given after the physical examination and this internship is to assess the applicant’s abilities.
Internship consists of working at a certain department for a certain period of time to show the applicant’s competencies.
We make the final hiring decision after the applicant’s internship.
The hired individuals will perform duties suitable to his/her position as an employee of Castec Korea.