We realize customer satisfaction by developing the best and most competitive casting products.
Global Specialized Company for Automobile Components

Based on latest advanced and differentiated technologies, we are currently producing competitive turbo charger casting materials and various material casting products.

We are achieving customer satisfaction by applying preceding/element technologies.

Secure quality beforehand through Magma simulation analysis

* Secure analysis technologies for product design through predicting contractions and locating exterior defects
* Secure design technologies for optimal casting methods through analysis of temperature distribution, solidification types, and molten metal flow.

Strengthen product competitiveness through differentiated element technologies

* Secure specialized technologies required for new materials, new engineering methods, and new development.

* Strengthen distinct technologies for projects and strategic tasks.
    : Establish mass production of high heat resisting cast iron (excluding Ni-Resist, CV, and high heat resisting cast steel)
    : Secure new production methods for new stainless steel in international branches.

Product model and core production using 3D printers

* Secure designing abilities through acquiring 3D models for understanding product shapes.
    : Enhance designing abilities by understanding products with complex shapes.
    : Secure preceding technologies for Core designing

Overview of Government Supported Research Projects

Casting development