We are operating a perfect quality assurance system through the latest inspection equipment.
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We are implementing the following to achieve quality assurance of cast products.
We have the latest inspection equipment and in addition, we have a perfect quality assurance system for finished goods.

Dissolution Quality Assurance

CS AnalyzerCE Meter polarization analyzer

Injection / Modeling Quality Assurance

Automatic Caster Analyzer Mounting Type Spheroidizing Ratio Meter Infrared Thermometer Gas Analyzer

Post-processing Quality Assurance

Magnetic Particle Inspector Endoscope Ultrasonic Digital Flaw Detector Sonic Tester
x">Sonic Tester

Mechanical Property Quality Assurance

Metallographic Microscope Rockwell Hardness Tester Universal Material Tester Brinell Hardness Tester Vickers Hardness Tester Sure Hardness Tester