Castec Korea is a company that grows with our customers
Castec Korea is a specialized company in Korea with vast experiences and technologies

Castec Korea is doing our best to satisfy our customers through our product quality and become recognized for our technologies.

Castec Korea is a leader in automobile component business in Korea and has been certified as a specialized Root Technology Company.
Our company is striving to improve innovations in technologies and increase exports through quality management system certifications, various patents for new technologies, and development of new materials. Also, we are giving our best efforts to create new labor culture and to facilitate the best welfare for our employees.

[2015] - Top Award for exporting 30 million USD (Trade Association) /
                                    [2014] - Received Commendation from Minister for technical development of materials/components: President (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), Proud Casting Award: President (Korea Foundry Society) /
                                    [2011] - Top Award for exporting 20 million USD (Trade Association) /
                                    [2007] - Excellent Corporation Award for New Labor Culture (Ministry of Labor) /
                                    [2006] - Role Model Tax Payer Award (Korea Customs Service)  /  [2004] - Top Award for exporting 10 million USD (Trade Association) / [2003] - Prime Minister Award for Competitive Exhibition for Production Foundation (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) / [2001] - Excellent Corporation Award for New Labor Culture (Ministry of Labor) / [1999] - Blue Chip Corporation of Labor Culture (Ministry of Labor)